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    When the boy and the girl first fell in love, the boy folded a thousand paper cranes for the girl and hung it in the girl’s room.

    The boy said to the girl, this thousand paper cranes represent me a thousand hearts.
    At that time, boys and girls were feeling the sweetness and happiness of love in minutes and seconds.

    Later the girl gradually estranged the boy. The girl got married, went to France, and went to Paris,which city appears in her dreams countless times.When the girl and the boy broke up, the girl said to the boy, we must all face the reality. Marriage is the second reincarnation for women. I must seize every opportunity. You are too poor. I can��t imagine the days we are united.

    After the girl went to France, the boy sold the newspaper, worked as a temporary worker, did small business, and worked hard every job.Many years have passed,with the help of friends and his own efforts, 925 sterling silver necklace he finally has his own company. He has money, but he still remembers the girl in his heart.

    One day custom necklaces it was raining, and the boy saw a couple of old walking slowly in front of his black Audi. The boy recognized that they are the girl’s parents, so the boy decided to follow them. He wants them to see that he not only have a car, but also has villas and companies ,let them know that he is not a poor man, he is a young boss.

    The boy followed the road and followed them. The rain kept going, even though the old couple were holding an umbrella, they were still wet by the rain.

    When arrived at the destination, the boy was stunned. This is a cemetery. He saw the girl, she was in the tombstone of the porcelain and smiled at him sweetly. At the small tomb, a string of paper cranes hung on the thin wire, which was so vivid in the drizzle.

    The girl��s parents told the boy that the girl did not go to Paris, she was suffering from cancer, and the girl went to heaven. The girl hoped that the boy can be outstanding and have a warm home, so the girl maked such a move. She said she knew the boy and thought he would succeed. The girl said that if one day the boy went to the graveyard to see her, please bring a few paper cranes anyway.

    The boy costume jewelry kneeled at the girl’s grave, his could not stop crying. The rain of the Ching Ming Festival did name necklace not know how to stop, and drenched the boy.

    The boy remembered the girl��s pure smile many years ago, and the boy��s heart began to drop blood.

    When the old couple walked out of the cemetery, they saw the boy standing not far away, and Audi’s door was opened for the old man.

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